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great fixing had heavy mirror to put up did the job no problemo


Fantastic product easily fitted used for mounting cantilever tv bracket and TV to a stud wall screws held a treat

Excellent product. Comes with everything you need (except drill and driver). Clear instructions and simple to fit. Extremely secure even before the screw is inserted. I was wary of other products as two had previously failed causing a “large hole” ungainly in the plasterboard. Wish Bullfix had been available years ago.

I am sure that this is an excellent product but it did not work for me. I did not realise I had insulation backed plasterboard so the wings would not open up. Worth warning about that issue on your website

So far appears to support coat rack. Very useful to have the drill bit. Did need a bit more force to get the fixings through the plasterboard and get the wings to open. Once settled, then easy to attach rack. Good piece of kit.

Worked perfectly thank you… I fixed a heavy bracket and TV to plasterboard and it feels totally solid.

Had a TV bracket to put up In the daughter’s bedroom of her new house . Of course it’s all plasterboard, tried another brand first and was useless, had a Google and found these , bought the starter pack and hoped for the best ! Brilliant and way better than I imagined, such a strong fitting and holding the TV with ease , albeit a 32” but it’s on a swivel bracket. Very Recommend !

Brilliant. What more can you say.

These are the best wall fixings I’ve used in 50+ years of DIY.

Very good product, recommended 👌!

Plaster board fixings did my job perfect well done bullfix

Plaster board Fixings. What can a person say about these new fixings, I say new only that I have not seen this type before. Very happy to be using these

I have not used them yet but they seem to be good for the job and sturdy

Did what it says on the packet. Used them to fix some load-bearing shelves to a plasterboard wall. Easy to fit and so far, very strong. No indication of movement or weakness. All in all very happy with the fixings and would not hesitate to use again.

Used this product it came with the drill bit to make using them so much easier

Fixing to a plaster board had failed, leaving large holes and no obvious way for a reliable fix. This product provided a perfect solution!

Struggled for years with fixing to thin plasterboard walls. Whilst expensive, these do the job and couldn’t be happier. Secured heavy coat and hat stand with two screws and a 240cm curtain pole with 3 screws.

Quick to use and very secure. Recommend it to anyone

The fixings worked really well. My bathroom sink is fixed for good. Brilliant.

Great fixings with a really clever design. I can certainly believe they’ll hold a lot of weight, in fact I think the plasterboard would probably give way before the fixing. I used them to put up some shelves and while I don’t have an exact weight, they are pretty heavy and don’t feel like they’ll be budging any time soon. Shame about the packaging though. Why so much plastic? Plus I already have plenty of drill bits. I’d rather buy just the fixings, and in a cardboard box.

I first tried these fixings when some old ones failed. Id previously used a more traditional kind of heavy-duty wall plugs but after a while they pulled out of the wall leaving holes. Luckily, I was able to widen the holes to fit these fixings from Bullfix and within a short time everything was restored but with a much stronger result. I like that the pack comes with the right size of blade drill, and the instructions were easy to follow see my photo of how the clips fit together. I have no qualms in using them again and can recommend them.

The plasterboard fixing are very sturdy and of good quality made. Instructions are quasi straightforward. The fact that the drill bit is included is a huge plus.

Arrived the next day after ordering (non prime). Wanted to install a couple of large radiators. Have used others plasterboard fixings previously with limited success so thought would give these a try. I was very impressed. Easy to drill required holes with drill bit provided and simple step by step instructions made the job an easy one to complete. Seem very strong. I would definitely use these again for any plasterboard fixing, especially for larger items.

These are another invaluable product in the ongoing fight to fix something heavy to plasterboard. This British designed product from BullFix seems to tick all the right boxes. In this starter pack you are getting the following a 20mm drill bit, 10 fixings and collars and 10 5mm x 20mm screws. All the components are made from quality materials which makes them easy to use. I have been more than happy with their performance so far. I will keep the review updated if I encounter any issues or problems further down the line.

Ive used the spring toggle ones for ages and yes its tricky treading them through whatever your putting up but no more, you get 10 of these and the drill bit the right size for the hole. These work perfect better than any Ive uses before by far.

The kit comes complete with the necessary drill bit as well as the fixings and clear instructions. I haven’t tested it, but it claims it can carry the weight of a man – I’d be more worried about it damaging the plasterboard than anything else if I tried to verify that. The only warning I’d issue is make sure you know exactly where you want to use them as it involves making a 20mm hole in your plasterboard, so not something you want to have to rectify. As my Dad always said . . . . measure twice, then check again before you start to make sure you don’t put it in the wrong place!!

These plasterboard fixings are extremely sturdy. They work as mechanical anchors rather than relying on friction. I got a feeling the plasterboard will yield before these fixings fail, so they are perfect for hanging heavy objects, such as big TVs or big artwork. The pack comes with the right size drill for the fixings which is really handy. Highly recommend!

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